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Robert Meisch
Robert Meisch ✭✭✭✭
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I could use some help.  I've implemented J. Craig Williams' predecessor solution allowing notifications based on the predecessor being complete for a given task:

     1. Create a column to get your Row# [RowID]

             In the first row, put a 1.

             The second row, use the formula

             =RowID1 +1

              and copy that to all the other rows.

     2. Create a column to get your predecess [MyPred]

              The formula there is


               for row 1, copy that to all rows.

   3. I'm assuming / use a [Status] column as a checkbox.

               Manually entered.

   4. Create a column call [CheckMyPred] of type Text/Number.

              For row 23, this is the formula

              =IF(COUNTIFS(RowID:RowID, MyPred23, Status:Status, 1) + IF(ISBLANK(MyPred23), 1) > 0, "start")

     Pseudo code

              - determine if RowID matches MyPred and Status is checked - if so, value is 1

               - determine if MyPred is blank - if so, value is 1

             - add the two values together

            - value will be 

                   0 MyPred is not blank and for the row where RowID matches MyPred, status is not checked.

                   1 MyPred is blank OR MyPred is not blank and  row where RowID matches MyPred, status is checked.

                   - check if value is greater than 0 - if so text is "start"


What I need help with is Making this work with multiple predecessors and leads and lags.

Any ideas?


Robert Meisch


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