Is there a way to add the 'today' bar to the Gantt view on a dashboard?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

When I look at the Gantt chart on the sheets and in reports, there is a nice marker indicating 'today' which gives a great reference point. You can see this as a vertical dashed line in Capture1 below. 

When I create a dashboard using the same report I see the same data, however there is no vertical line indication where we are in this timeline. 

Is there a way to display this? Why isn't this just pulled in and automatically displayed with the data?






  • Stefan 7k


    in the report you have to set the checkmark for showing the report starting today. 

    The option to show today is not automatically carried through from the source sheet.



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  • bdchapin

    I know about that setting, and that is not what I am looking to do. That setting frames the view so you are basically just looking at the immediate and near work. 

    I'm intentionally zoomed out because I want to show the whole project's timeline. I just want there to be a visual indication for today on the dashboard view of the report. like there is on the sheet and the report.