Cell with leading whitespace

Joe Varghese
Joe Varghese ✭✭
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An unorthodox question but posting as I'm sure our company is not the only one who sometimes uses Excel as a Word document ...

We have an Excel document that we are importing to Smartsheet, and Excel allows the use of leading white-spaces in the cell so that overall the document reads better e.g.,

Row 1: Title 1

Row 2:      - Text under Title 1 (with leading spaces) 

Row 3:      - Text under Title 1 (with leading spaces)

Row 4: Title 2

Row 5:      - Text under Title 2 (with leading spaces)

Row 6:      - Text under Title 2 (with leading spaces)


I cannot find any way to mimic this in Smartsheet .. tried indenting, but that only changes the indent of the text in the primary column


  • I see what you are saying, Smartsheet seems to strip off the leading whitespace. 

    I assume that you are NOT talking about making sub-tasks, as that is as simple as clicking the 'indent' button.

    If you want to visually indent without making a sub-task, then you'll probably have to put another character in there to force SS to keep the whitespace. For example you could use a period.

    Task 1

    .      Task 2

    .      Task 3

    Task 4

    .     Task 5

    However, i just tested it, and even with that it only keeps a couple of spaces.