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I am trying to get a formula to do a COUNTIFS based on multiple criteria, but also that one of the date columns is greater then a specific date. The formula I'm currently using is: 

=COUNTIFS({BDDM}, "=Amanda", {Appt}, "<>") 

What is the best way for Smartsheet to read a date greater then, in a column titled Date.

Thanks in advance!





  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Shauna,

    I'd recommend looking at our Creating Formulas article, as this provides information on the syntax that Smartsheet is looking for with functions:

    A few things I noticed about your formula:

    • Remove the equals sign for Amanda
    • Remove the quotes around the <>
    • You'll need to reference or create an actual date value to compare your second cross sheet range to

    An example of a formula that works in Smartsheet:

    =COUNTIFS({BDDM}, "Amanda", {Appt}, <> TODAY())

    The above function will look for the word Amanda in the {BDDM} cross-sheet reference that you created. It will also look for any date values that aren't equal to the current date in the {Appt} cross-sheet reference that you created. Once both conditions are met, the item will be counted.


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