Auto Fill Date

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Fairly new to Smartsheet and even newer to formulas...I think what I'm trying to is basic but may not fit into Smartsheet's structure. We are creating a weekly manpower look ahead spreadsheet. Trying to auto populate the dates for the week based on a parent cells manually entered date (from Calender drop). The dates occur as a row header but not in a column format.




  • Hi, how about starting off with same 52 rows ie one for each week of the year.  Add in your starting date (eg a Monday) then increment that column for the 51 rows below it by simply adding 7 to it.  Then do the same for the Mon-Fri columns on the first row but relate it to the same starting date cell as initially done for the rows. So Monday would be =[StartingDate]1 + 1, then Tuesday would be =[StaringDate]1 + 2 etc.  Then copy those Mon-Fri rows all the way down for the other 51 rows and everything should calculate nicely and quickly!

    Once all the dates are caluclated you can then insert rows for your manpower names and their hours.

    Hope that helps,