VLOOKUP reference file not being captured through end of sheet

Tom Gore
Tom Gore
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I am having an issue with VLOOKUP.  I will attempt to explain.  When I set up the parameters to "reference another sheet" I capture all of the row/columns through the end of the sheet.  As I add new rows to the source/reference sheet and my main sheet the VLOOKUP does not return the expected values.  When I look at the source/reference sheet I do not see the "carats" in the highlighted row/columns (see attachment).  I have tried removing all VLOOKUP references and recreating the link.  I have also tried to edit the reference sheet.  Nothing seems to change the range of the rows/columns that I want to capture.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



  • I received an answer from the Help Desk.  I was selecting the data by the cells and not the column.  That totally slipped my mind when I created the VLOOKUP formula.  Once I changed the reference to columns, I had the results I wanted.

    Thank you Robert!

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