Help on RYG formula

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I am tyring to write a formula for the RYG balls however I cannot figure out how to get yellow to show when I want it between numbers.


For example

Red and Green I know  as the below

=IF($[% Complete]3 < 0.5, "Red", IF($[% Complete]3 = 1, "Green"))


However how do I get yellow to show up when I want it >.50 and <.99


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    there are a number of ways. the easiest is as follows:

    =IF($[% Complete]3 < .5, "Red", if([% Complete]3 < .99, "Yellow", "Green"))

    you could do the route that could have some error checking if there is a number submitted above 1 and go ahead and add blue if you want. or you add an and statement, or another if statement to specify it has to be exactly one in order for the answer to be green.  There are a lot of solutions to this, each with their own positives and negatives.

    For future reference you should try to use google to find answers to questions before posting. Often you can get the answer much quicker if someone already asked it. For this one for example, you could google "Smartsheet RYG" which for me brings up at least 5 results on the first page that could have lead to you to this answer a lot faster than submitting it.