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Tommy K.
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Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the Smartsheet app, as well as community.  I am having issues with not receiving notifications, when a certain task (column) is populated.

I have created a Smartsheet to order materials from outside vendors.  There are to be multiple employees adding stuff to this sheet, and one or two individuals will be ordering them.  I have setup the Smartsheet to check-off a checkbox when two other columns are populated (Ordered By: & Ordered Date).  Once these two fields are populated, a "Status(Ordered?)" will then automatically be checked-off (which is working fine).  I have setup a notification where as soon as this "Status(Ordered?)" is checked-off, I would like for it to generate a message to the person that entered this data.  Yet, it does not send any notifications.

I still have not implemented this with my co-workers but wanted to make sure that it is working properly.  I have tried this a few times, and I DID get notifications for the first two trials.  But now, it does not send any notifications.  I have even tried saving & refreshing the Smartsheet, but still,... no notifications.  Attached, are some screenshots of my settings:


Please help!

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  • Shaine Greenwood
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    Hi Tommy,

    Welcome to Smartsheet and to the Smartsheet Community!

    A few things for you to check here:

    • Double-check your notification settings for who is allowed to receive notifications from your sheet/account for both the sheet and for your Smartsheet account as a whole. Details on this are available in our help center:
    • Try getting rid of that additional criteria of "in any row where status is checked" and ONLY use the "when status ordered changes to checked" criteria that you have at the top. Notifications may be checking for both criteria at the same time and decide that since the column wasn't checked already as it was being checked, to not send the notification. (Sounds strange, I know.)
    • Make sure your "placed by" column is a System "Created by" column. If it is, when testing, also make sure that you're the one creating the new row in the sheet, or the Notification will be sent to someone else. More on System columns here:
    • If your sheet and account are both set to allow sending of notifications to anyone with an email address, then these notifications may be getting trapped in your email server OR your client side spam filters. Work with your internal IT team to make sure emails aren't getting caught on the server side, and check your email program's spam/junk folder to make sure emails aren't getting stuck in there.

    If the above doesn't work, contact our Support team to troubleshoot further.