Nested IF Statement with multiple conditions

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Trying to figure out how to build this formula and I have tried multiple things.  Here are the conditions:

I have a "Contact Aging" column that tells me how long its been from date the inquiry was acquired to today's date

I have another column that shows the customers current status.  That status is a dropdown with the options of "New Inquiry", "Left Message" "Form Sent" etc.  

I have a third column (RYGB Balls) that I want to show the health of the inquiry/contact using RYGB balls.

I want to have RYGB balls that are dependent on the status but also dependent on the days it's aging.  For instance, the ball would be red if the current status is "New Inquiry", "Left Message" or "Second Attempt" (In other words contact has not been made) AND it's been over 2 days.  

The trick is I don't want it to turn red if its aged more than 2 days but the customer has been contacted and the status is "Form Sent" or "Form Received" At that point it would be green or blue depending on the status.

Hopefully that makes sense to someone.  Thanks in advance.