Upload Json file data into smartsheet

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I need some help in passing json file into smartsheet.

I want to pass all the values from  file and load exactly same values or some columns as per my need in smartsheet.


I am using below syntax in the body to populate some columns as per my need








I can update the smartsheet when hardcoded values , how can I assign the variables to pass all values in array?


  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi amun,

    You'll want to establish global variables, possibly write other functions to update their values, then pass the global variable to the body of your update row request.


  • amun
    edited 07/18/18

    Thanks for replying . 

    I have similar question. The screenshot attached shows rows and cells arrays. Rows is the parent of cells. I extracted data from smartsheet in the form of rows and  cells in different flows and then got the merged output in file. I am trying to update the existing values in the smartsheet based on the new values in file. But it is not allowing me to break the merged json file in terms of columns and cells. I want to use them in form of variables. 


    Any help is appreciated..