VLOOKUP misalignment with column sort

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I have found misalignment of the data sort expectations between VLOOKUP function and Smartsheet's Column sort capability.

It seems that when Column is being sorted, underscore symbol "_" is being put ahead of the letters, while when VLOOKUP is looking for the cell to match, it does expect "_" to be after the letters.

As a result - when sorting column using Sort function -- VLOOKUP first finds "_", and stops searching.

See snapshot attached.

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 14.18.25.jpg



  • Hi,


    I'm not sure this is related to the way your column is sorted.


    Could you try this formula instead :

    =VLOOKUP([Column3]1,[Primary Column]1:[Primary Column]6,1,false)


    The argument "false" returns an exact match. Does this help?


    Best Regards,



  • thanks for your response.

    that actually resolved the problem for me.

    I did not realise that default in vlookup is "approximate match".

    that is different behaviour from excel, which confused me.

    thank you!

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