Dashboard quirks?

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Hey all,

I am evaluating smartsheet for my company. I have looked around the support areas and not finding an answer to my observations/question.

So, I create a project sheet with tasks and milestones, no problem! When I create a report and add a Dashboard widget, 2 issues(?). The time-now line on the Gantt view does not show on the Dashboard view and the milestone diamonds on the Gantt view show as a tasks with duration on the Dashboard view.

Am i missing some setting or what?




  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee
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    Hi Steve,

    There isn't currently a way to show the current-date line in a Report Widget on a dashboard, so I suggest submitting a Product Enhancement Request using the quick link to the right.

    Regarding the milestone diamond, this appears to be a known bug, and our Development Team is currently looking into it.

    There have been some cases of customers resolving the issue with the steps below:

    1. Open the Report that's showing the milestones incorrectly on the Dashboard
    2. Open the Report Builder, and click the "Columns" button
    3. Deselect the Start Date and End Date columns, close the "Select columns" window and click the "Run" button in the Report Builder
    4. Click on the "Columns" button again, select the Start Date and End Date columns again, close that window and click the "Run" button again
    5. Close the Report Builder, change the view back to Gantt View

    After taking the steps above, the widget on the Dashboard may be updated with milestone diamonds. I suggest reaching out to Support with a link to this post if you continue to experience issues. At the very least, they'll be able to log another report which may push up the priority of this bug.

    Kind regards,


  • Selena Francis

    This is an issue at a company I am currently working for also.

    Can someone please provide an update or details of a workaround - especially in the relation to milestones showing on the Dashboard as this is particularly problematic.

    Many Thanks