Is support from SmartSheets always slow?!

fgcook ✭✭
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I have submitted two tickets several days ago without any recognition they received them, any contact or any resolution?  Never have seen anybody's tech support this slow.  I even called their help line, stayed on hold for 3 minutes (middle of the day), and then got an automated response that no one was avaliable, leave my name, etc…  I researched my issues in their help section but believe one of the issued to be a "bug" of sorts… at minimum, lack of explination.


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

     My opinion and experience (all opinions are my own).

    Recently, yes. By recently, I mean in the past 6-12 months. It also depends on your account. I have accounts in Enterprise, Business, and Team (no longer on the pricing page). 

    Team: Phone support discontinued (I could check my notes on when). Last few support tickets I have received "up to 96 hours" and more recently, I'm supposed to resubmit after 24 hours or they never respond again. One ticket, if I recall correctly, was never responded to at all.

    Business: Slightly better, but still not what it was this time last year. 

    Enterprise: Better still, but still not what it was this time last year.

    Most of the Tier 1 support (I could run metrics, but that isn't my job) has gotten noticeably slower and less useful as well. There are a few exceptions and my data is starting to get obsolete as I write few support tickets due to the frustration I feel and your post echos.

    I have direct access to several individuals that can and have escalated issues for me, but I really don't like to use them unless I really hit a show stopper or a potential one for my customers.

    I wish I had a better answer. The people I know personally on the support team are talented and skilled. If I were to try to offer opinions on what is going on behind the current, I would only be guessing.

    You did not ask, but I'm going to answer the unasked question anyway:

    Post your question/problem here (in a new thread). The Community often can at least tell you it IS a bug or not a feature and at best can solve it. Or go through a reseller. Smarter Business Processes (whom I am affiliated with) provides first tier support to their customers. I'm would imagine other consultants, consulting firms, or resellers offer something similar (and if not, they should)