Issue with CountIFS OR

matt_k ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi all,

I am running into some trouble iterating on this formula which was a countifs with an "AND." I am now trying to add an "OR" to the first part. I want to see if the Range 1 contains "Zebra" or "Lion" and was entered in the last 90 days. After scanning these communities, I have tried this three different ways and keep getting invalid operation errors.

=COUNTIFS({External Range1}, "Zebra", OR (@cell = "Lion"), {External Range 5}, < TODAY(90))

I then also read a suggestion to create separate statements, but that has also produced the same error:

=COUNTIFS({External Range 1}, "Zebra", {External Range 5}, <TODAY(90)) + =COUNTIFS({External Range 1}, "Lion", {External Range 5}, <TODAY(90))

Thanks in advance for any help.