Printing Sucks and no collapse/collapse all on the sheets

Michele Deo
Michele Deo ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I know you can export out into PDF, Excel and Google sheets to print, but even when you do the sheet doesn't adjust to shrink to fit, or moving it from 100% to 65%, the sheet is still the same layout regardless of how you try to get it to fit onto one page to print.  This has been an ongoing issue with the smartsheets.

Additionally, you don't provide the capability (or at least I haven't found the trick) to select  collapse or uncollapse all for the rows within the sheet.  You have to uncollapse each row one at a time and visa versa for collapse.  You can't do all, or a group.  If your going to provide similar functionality as Excel, please provide the full functionality.  It's very frustrating for I use both of these functions daily.  In addition, when you save, it doesn't save the uncollapsing that I just did in a sheet, it collapses them all again.