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Our Data Team has a form other people in the company can complete to request a report.  Often, the report requested must be generated on a regular basis - monthly, quarterly, etc.  Within the sheet keeping track of the requests we have columns for Status (of the report), date of request, frequency and Date Needed (the last 3 are generated by the requester form).  We currently have reminders setup to email the assigned Data Analyst 5 days before the due date.

My question(s) are is there a way when a report needed monthly is switched to done status, for the sheet to automatically reset the Date needed column - and possibly the status column??  so the analyst continues to get reminders?  Right now we just change the due date manually.  We're rather new at Smartsheet so any suggestions for overall effectiveness/best practice would be greatly appreciated!

These are the current columns on the sheet:

Requester/Contact Name

Secondary Contact (if applicable)

Requester Email

Requester Department

Description of Request

Purpose of Request:



Date Needed By:



Analyst's Comments

Date of Request


DA Complexity Rating:

Request #

Date Completed

Data Source 1

Data Source 2

Data Source 3

Data Source 4

Data Source 5

Type of Request

Report Format (If applicable)

Report Other

Status Comments

Last Updated

State Program?

Report Title


  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    In my experience, task lists defy a one-solution-fits-all solution (the Norns know I have tried).

    I've used Zapier to create something like you describe but there was a lot of Smartsheet work on the side to get it set up. Well, not a lot. A few hours.

    If the closure of one task (and not just a date) is what triggers then next one in sequence, then that is easier than if you want to keep the history (which from the GUI is best done with additional rows).

    If you'd like help setting it up, contact Richard at Smarter Business Processes. I work with his team on things like this.

    ([email protected])

    There's also a free hour consult.