Can Webpack fullfill the full DevOps pipeline process for cloud native apps?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am the only designer and developer for web/app development at my company. We want to create cloud native apps for cloud deployment and are looking at following the of the twelve factor app methodology. With very little experience in the DevOps/Jenkins Pipeline environment, I was wondering if strictly using Webpack for my DevOps flow would be adequate for production deployment. I understand Webpack has some testing and validation features built in (ESLint, Mocha, etc). I envision that I would run my SPA (single page app) via Webpack for compilation and then I'd push the compiled/dist files to a Cloud Foundry environment (PaaS) for deployment.

Would this be adequate for cloud native development these days or is it recommended to use the full Jenkins pipeline for DevOps? I am not sure how Webpack would be able to use Git as the codebase, but it looks like all the other DevOps features are there in Webpack (and I thought I read more companies were shifting to strictly Webpack for simplicity and less reliance on Jenkins dependencies).