Line chart labels hidden on mobile app dashboard

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edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi I have a problem on my mobile smartsheet (iphone X) that I dont see labels on my line charts in dashboards. It works properly on column charts. 



  • Hello,

    A few things for you to try:

    1. Make sure you’re seeing the data labels in the desktop application. If not, you may need to adjust settings on the widget to make the labels visible.

    2. If you’re expecting to see data labels above each data point of your line chart, there’s a specific setting to enable that. You’ll have to do this on the desktop version, more information is available in this help article.

    3. Some data labels (especially horizontal ones) appear cut off in the mobile app. Try tapping the extend button in the upper-right corner of that widget and see if your data labels appear. This is expected behavior due to the screen size available on a mobile device.

    4. Please check that you are using the current version of the Smartsheet App and your device’s operating system.

    5. Make sure you’re using the Smartsheet mobile app and NOT accessing Smartsheet via the mobile browser page.

    If you’re still experiencing the issue after trying the above, please reach out to our Support team via to troubleshoot this further.