Task list for a card view? (like trello?)



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  • amoores

    Is there any priory on adding this functionality? Our standard project plans for a client launch have around ~150 tasks. This has to be paired with a launch checklist that has another 200+ items in it. Having these separate is unwieldy as it has to be reviewed separately and typically doesn't get looked at as often as the primary schedule and many times not until the client is about to launch which may be way too late for certain items.

    A single task in the main schedule may have multiple items to be marked off to be done, but many are too small to track from an overall project perspective (or something we want to display to the client). Just indenting under the task not only creates bloat but you now have to do due dates and duration for each item which is way too much overhead when dates keep shifting. In some cases we are just making sure we covered topic x and topic y with the client that likely happen on the same call, but if it got missed we have to go back and catch up on it at some point.

    I tried the multi-select but you have to define those across the entire sheet not just one task. None of the other options above are helpful for this (separate sheet like we do today, single checkbox, external tool like office 365). Quite frankly if this isn't something in the roadmap I see us moving to teamwork or another platform where we can run the entire project in one platform as we have enough other things that live elsewhere (resourcing, requirements, client communication, sales intake, etc.)