Nested IFs- mutually exclusive

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edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I have a nested IF formula to change the status ball colors as values are entered down the line. They usually get entered one at a time. If column A gets filled then it turns green, then if B gets filled it turns yellow, etc..


Column A | Column B | Column C

   Green    |    Yellow   |      Red

      X         |       X        |       X


But sometimes we will skip over some columns and only have a data point at the end, in which case we still want it to turn the same color as it would if we had filled in all the other data points.

The way the nested IF formula is built currently, everything must be filled in as we go down the line.

Is there a way to make this still work? Seems like what I'm looking for in a IFS formula, which doesn't exist in smartsheet...


Column A | Column B | Column C

   Green    |    Yellow   |      Red

                 |                 |       X

(right now will only turn Red if only A and B are filled out as well)



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