Salesforce REST API Login?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am examining a sample which is in the salesforce developer site.

In that sample when we click a link it will be redirected to the salesforce login page. If the login successful, then an access token is issued.

I dont want my application to redirect to the Salesforce login page. In the existing sample the environment variable is set to,


What should I do to avoid redirecting to salesforce login page.


  • Hi VINOD—

    I believe that you've reached out to our community forum in error. This is the Smartsheet community, where people discuss how to use the Smartsheet application. Since your question is specific to Salesforce, I'd recommend that you post your question in the Salesforce community:

    Also, from looking at your community profile and how you linked out to a training resource, it appears that you were trying to promote your company's third-party Salesforce training video service without making it clear that you were doing so.

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