AND not working beyond 2 logical expressions!

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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!!!

I have the following formula to change the value of a cell, to encourage the population of cells for a tracking sheet.

=IF(AND(ISBLANK(Designer6), ISBLANK([Designer Start]6), ISBLANK([Designer Finish]6), ISBLANK(SME6), ISBLANK(CRE6)), "Pending...", "Click Save to notify!")

It works, but only for the first two logical expressions (Designer6) and [Designer Start]6... on the example and the help page for the function, it shows three expressions... when I build, the helper window doesnt move beyond "logical_expression2"

Ive spent hours on this now, tried to get there by myself, I don't know at this point if its my syntax, or what.

Also, why is (Designer6) in parentheses and [Designer Start]6 in brackets with the number on the outside? Smartsheet did that not me.

HELP! surprise







  • Jason
    Jason Employee

    The AND function requires all conditions to be true in order for the function to also be true. In your formula, if any of the referenced cells are not blank, the AND function will be false and the resulting value will be "Click Save to notify!"

    The help page on the function show formula syntax indicating that it can take any number of conditions:

    AND(logical_expression1, [logical_expression2 ​...])

    It is a way of showing the formula can take 1 or more arguments with no limit (outside system limitations and formula length constraints.)

    Just a suggestion - maybe an OR function would suit your needs better. The OR function requires only one condition to be true rather than all conditions for the function to be true.

    As to why [Designer Start]6 is in brackets and designer6 is not? If the column name has spaces or numbers in it, it will be put inside brackets in the formula text so it can be parsed during formula processing. 


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