Cannot link a Start Date because its value is determined by a project dependency

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I am trying to interleave two project plans by linking activities across two sheets. The integrated workflow should be Task 1 -- Task 2 -- Task 3.  Task 1 must complete before Task 2 begins.  Task 2 must complete before Task 3 begins.  Tasks 1 and 3 appear on Sheet A.  Task 2 appears on Sheet B.  I have created links for Task 1 on Sheet B, and the associated row is listed as a predecessor for Task 2.  But when I create links to Task 2 on Sheet A, I cannot link the start date, and the activities do not cascade properly.  When I try to create the link, the following error message appears: "You cannot create a link in this cell because its value is determined by a project dependency."


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  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee

    Hello Joea,

    Thanks for your post! Currently, cross-sheet dependencies aren't supported, but you can submit a Product Enhancement Request using the quick link on the right.

    I see that you're trying to workaround this limitation by utilizing the cell link feature, but you're seeing the error that you can't link the cell since the value is determined by a project dependency. You'll see this error if the cell you're trying to populate using the cell link is on a row that has a value in the Predecessors column since dependencies already automatically update the Start Date based on the Predecessor. You'll also see this error if the Parent of your target row has a Predecessor value.

    You have a few options to resolve this:

    1. Consolidate your projects onto a single sheet so that you don't need cell links.
    2. Remove all predecessors from the row that returns the error. You'll also need to remove any predecessors from the parent row.
    3. Insert a blank row in Sheet A and use cell links to populate the blank row with the Task Name and Dates of Task 2 from Sheet B. Then, in Task 3, use predecessors to reference the new row that is linked from Sheet B. Note that the new row's parent must not have any predecessors.

    I believe that option 3 will be your best choice because it will allow you to visualize the predecessor, and it will allow you to populate the dependent dates using predecessors rather than cell links. I've linked some related Learning Center resources below:

    Kind regards,

    Isaac J

    Smartsheet Support

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