Unparseable Error in IF(And formula


I'm trying to create an IF statement that relies on the data in 2 cells.  Basically, if one cell is checked off and the other is empty, I want to create a formula on a new cell (which I will hide) so I can ultimately send an update request to the user to fill in the notes field.  I haven't used the AND formula nor have I (successfully) used the ISBlank function.  My attempt at the formula is below...

=IF(AND(Complete?1 = 1, Notes1 = ISBLANK, 1, 0))

=IF(AND(Complete?1 = 1, Notes1 = ISBLANK), "True", "False"))

Keep getting unparseable errors.  Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



  • JoeC.

    Hi Deb,


    ISBLANK is also a function (like AND), so if you use the following syntax, it should work:

    =IF(AND(Complete1 = 1, ISBLANK(Notes1) = 1), "True", "False")

  • Deb Gordinier

    HI Joe - I did try your formula but I couldn't get it to work.  I also tried removing the =1 after isblank and the cell because I thought it might be redundant since the essence of that function is to be empty, needless to say, that didn't work either.  

    =IF(AND(Complete? = 1, (ISBLANK(Notes1), 1, 2)

    =IF(AND(Complete? = 1, (ISBLANK(Notes1), 1, 2)))

    =IF(AND(Complete? = 1, (ISBLANK(Notes1), "True", "False")))  

    I was using 1, 2 because the Notes1 field is a checkbox.  Tried using true & false out of desperation.

  • JoeC.
    edited 10/22/18

    Hi Deb,

    It's the "?" that's messing things up, which I left out of my example. This should work:

    =IF(AND([Complete?]1 = 1, ISBLANK(Notes1) = 1), "True", "False")

  • Deb Gordinier

    You are a genius!!  Thank you soooo much!! 

  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    To simplify even further, you can use...


    =IF(AND([Complete?]@row= 1, ISBLANK(Notes@row)), 1)


    the "@row" looks at whatever row the formula is on, so no need to update numbers unless you are referencing a different row.


    the "= 1" isn't needed in the ISBLANK portion.


    If you do not specify anything for the third portion of an IF statement, it defaults to 0 (false).

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