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Insert Function Not Working for Checkboxes

Tor Garman
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

This morning, I noticed that the Insert function is not working properly in my smartsheets.  When I try to add rows to any of my Smartsheets, a new row is added.  However, the new row does not initially contain any checkboxes in columns where the data type is Checkbox.  If you create a new row and click on a checkbox cell in that row, a cursor is placed in the cell and the sheet allows you to type in characters in a Checkbox field.  However, once you type characters in one of the Checkbox fields, the other Checkbox fields in that row become checkboxes (except the cell that you typed characters in). 


I appreciate your support on this!


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Tor, when you insert a new row (just like the blank rows at the bottom of your sheet), you wont see any data or blank checkboxes. As soon as you add data somewhere in the row, the row will become active and you will see the checkboxes. 


    At anytime, you can add a 1 to a checkbox cell (even if there is no checkbox) and press enter and the box will check (1 = checked). 

  • Tor Garman
    edited 10/30/15

    Thanks Travis!  I don't recall it working that way before, and it does seem odd that I can type text into a checkbox.  However, I have a workable solution and that is much appreciated.

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