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Column character capacity


I am importing an Excel spreadsheet but when I press 'continue'  an error occurs that states there are too many characters for the column.  How can I overcome that without deleting words?



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    There is a 50 character limit for column headers. Try reducing your column headers to 50 characters, then import. 


    If you need additional information added to the columns, you might consider using the first row of the sheet to house this information. 

  • balikuma17791

    Is there a way to increase the limit from 50 characters to 100?

  • pea.ccu49236

    Is there a way to increase the characters? This would be helpful as I am having trouble creating my forms with the character restrictions. 

  • Deby
    Deby ✭✭

    Ther is a way to increase the number of chars in the column title? 

  • Did this question ever get answered?  I'm trying to import a spreadsheet but some of my table names have >50 chars.  Is there a way around this?

  • It seems that it's not possible to increase the characters. This is a pretty big issue for us as we try to import sheets from excel. It's a lot of work to change that many columns and/or create additional rows to handle the overflow. This may be a deal breaker in continuing to use this product as we want people to feel like they are getting more than they got from excel, and not feel like they are losing anything. 

  • Dale

    This really should be addressed. Forms are very useful to collecting answers to a series of questions, however, really, the column names are the questions. With a limit of the character length, we cannot ask a question more than 50 characters long. Either this needs to be addressed fairly immediately, or the form builder needs to be more versatile. 

  • DavidO_Stein

    I am getting the same error, but my column headers are way less than 50 characters. Seems like a bug.

  • Alex@aatf

    I also getting the same error, but my column headers are way less than 50 characters. what is happening. i have tried everything

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