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SUM Parent without Children?


I've been able to figure out how to SUM children under parents, but is there a way to SUM just the parent rows?


For instance:



Parent: 10,000

Child: 10

Child: 10

Parent: 10,000

Child: 10


SUM (Parent only): 20,000


I'd like to do this without selecting each cell if possible so it'll update whenever new Parent rows are added.



  • Anurag Mishra

    You can add another hierarchy level in the sheet and make the Parents as childer of that. Then do a =SUM(children()) at "Master Parent" row level to add all the Parents.


    Master Parent


          Child 1

          Child 2


          Child 1

          Child 2


  • Hmm...Could I use a SUMIF statement? Something like (I'm not sure I have this right):


    =SUMIF([NAME](), "Parent", [NUMBER]())


    LOL I have a feeling I murdered that syntax.


    Edit: OK, I got it to work with this:


    =SUMIF([NAME]1:[NAME]15, "Parent",[NUMBER]1:[NUMBER]15)


    ...but is there a way to do that without specifying the cell numbers, such as "everything in that column?"

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Chris, add a checkbox column to your sheet with a formula that checks the box if the row is a parent row (see formula below). Then create a SUMIF that sums only the rows with a checked box (parent rows). 


    Anurag also had a great suggestion! 


    Here's the formula:


    =IF(COUNT(CHILDREN([Task Name]1)) > 0, 1)


    Replace [Task Name]1 with the corresponding parent row cell reference. 

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