Filters in Microsoft Teams - Trial Version Limitation?

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I am using Smartsheet with Teams and discovered the filters don't work.  From Smartsheets as the owner I don't have a checkbox to share the filter.  Inside teams I can't create and name the filter and it only allows one filter at a time.  "Unnamed filter" gets replaced each time I create a filter.

Already sent the link to my boss to suggest using SS in teams but wanted to confirm if it was a limitation of the trial version when they ask about the filters.  I am a global PM so I expect 300+ lines before I get to Execute.  Screenshot attached.


cant share filter.png


  • The answer to your question requires a brief explanation of how the integration between Smartsheet and MS Teams works. When you add a sheet in MS teams, you're basically publishing the sheet into it and, you are also accessing the sheet as a publish user. This means that you cannot perform all those changes which you could do when connected as Owner/Admin and one of these limitations is the creation of customized filters or shared filters.

    To overcome this limitation you should perform those changes when connected directly to the sheet as Owner/Admin. (via and not via MS Teams). Any filter applied when connected to the sheet directly, will be also accessible from the publish user connected via MS Teams.

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    In case someone else has the same screenshot, the answer to are shared filters allowed in the trial version is "no"