How to Create Tend Arrows with a Function

Steve Moss
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I have a cross sheet table with data displayed on it that works fine. Just wondering how I can display a trend arrow using a function for Up, Down and Across.


Basically, I am measuring KPI performance against the number of days since the last time we had for example a Lost Time Injury or as is known as an LTI. This work fine with Paul's help. I now have a column which calculates what the number of days were the day before, so I can determine if its the Same, More, or Less.

In the next Column I want to display the Trend as a arrow.

This data is presented on a dashboard so that managers know their performance in regards to Health and Safety?

Table looks like this

[Type of Event], [Days Since Last Event], [Day Before], [Arrow]

The Italic Columns are extracted via cross sheet reference.






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