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tom55166 ✭✭
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OK....so I am struggling with this vlookup.  Perhaps I can not do what I want to do.  Any comments would be helpful.

I have a sheet that has customer number and customer name.  Customer number is auto generated and is sequential.  CU1000033 is my number.  Name XYZ Sports Academy.

I have a pitcher that uses XYZ Sports Academy to practice in and I want them to link their "home" practice facility into the pitchers records.....so I produce a drop down for the pitcher to select the correct name.

I also have the customer number in the pitchers record as well as the coach number that he/she practices with.  I have a drop down in the pitcher record to record the coach name also.

I am trying to use the Coach master file and the Customer Master file to automatically fill in the Customer Number and the CoachID using vlookup from the other sheets. I have an exact match in customer name and coach name in the pitcher file.

I thought I could select the row and column and

 use this formula  =vlookup(customername,CustomerMaster,1,true) hoping it would match the Customer Name from both files and return the customer number to me ......

I am very new to this so any suggestions on what I am doing wrong...or can I do what I am trying to do at all......Tom


  • TRowan63891
    TRowan63891 ✭✭✭
    edited 11/01/18

    I have had it happen many times the issue is the formatting for the two columns you are comparing. Ex: One is not text and the other general. 

    So check the formatting to see if that is the issue :)

  • Sterling
    Sterling ✭✭
    edited 11/01/18

    Hi Tom,

    I've had similar issues when I try to look for an exact match, setting that value to false usually helps and I haven't had any issues with that to date. Another thing is that I've found, is that the value you're matching with may need to be in the far left column (not 100% sure on this) and the value you want to return can be anywhere else in the row. 

    Hope this helps.

  • tom55166

    Thank you will give that a try...was the syntax correct?

  • Sterling

    Looks right to me, although you'll need to have the cell number and the sheet link will need to be set up within the formula. In the end the formula in cell 1 should look something like this:

    =VLOOKUP(customername1, {CustomerMaster Range 1}, 2, false)

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