Template Management - Updating Active Projects

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I saw an older post similar to this subject - but I'll open this one to hopefully garner some fresh information.

I use a Template that I've built to start new projects (sheets).  On occassion, I'll learn some nifty new feature or functionality that I'll build into my master template.  That's great for "from here on out" but I'm interested in what can be applied from a master template across other sheets I have still active.

Examples:  I've recently applied conditional formatting that will look at '% Complete' on a Task and mark the 'Task End' date yellow if not "100%".  (indicating the Task End date listed is not valid/final.  Also, I've created another rule also based on '% Complete' that will turn the 'Task Start' to orange if the '% Complete' is equal to "0". (indicating the Task Start date is not valid since no progress started.)

This is just a method of using color to highlight where collaborators need to update their Task progress.  Being highlighted helps them see what needs editing at-a-glance.

Ideally, I'd be able to implement edits to my master template, then be able to apply those across other sheets - avoiding building the same attributes again and again.  (we have many projects in queue at any given time! :-))