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Smartsheet on Ipad

Cindy Croft
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

My boss got a new Ipad Air and he can't get the Smartsheet site to come up. Is it flash based? I know that Safari doesn't support flash.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 05/21/15

    Smartsheet is not flashed based and should be accessible from iPads but after our June release, the iPad version of Smartsheet will no longer be accessible. I would recommend your boss downloads the iOS app from the App Store if he wants to access Smartsheet from his iPad. This will ensure the best experience on his iPad.  

  • AndrewJT


    We have smartsheets and reports embedded into a website. When the website page (with several sheeets/reports embedded one below the other) is viewed on an iPAD, sheets published as 'Read Only - HTML" appear fine. But the reports (for which there is only one publish option - "Read Only - Full") are screwed: initially this message appears "we apologize that an error has occurred. Please try refreshing your browser" then vanishes is ultimately replaced with horizontal bands where the embedded views should be - see uploaded screenshots (the correctly visible embedded sheets are not included in this snapshot. Am I to infer that it is imposible for websites viewed on IOS to display embedded reports - only embedded sheets?

    thanks for any help 

    ss snapshot web.png

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Andrew, when you view a published sheet on a mobile device (iOS or Android) you will view the sheet through the mobile web app - not the full Smartsheet app. Mobile devices do not have the capacity to run the full Smartsheet app which is why the mobile web app was developed.


    Mobile devices are also limited to viewing one instance of the mobile web app in a browser tab. In your example you have multiple published items attempting to load in a single tab, which is why you are getting errors and only one published item is loading.


    This issue isnt published sheets vs published reports but rather the number of published items on a single page.


    If you could split up the published items to multiple pages, then it would solve the issue when on your iPad. Another option is to view the sheets through the iPad app, which is more powerful and functional than the mobile web app.

  • siouxzieb

    Just want to jump in on this old but relevant thread and say that users should have the option to access their Smartsheet account any way they wish, on whatever device they wish--including opening the non-mobile site on a mobile device. it wouldn't be as important if there was parity between the mobile experience/functionality and the desktop, but that is very sadly not the case.

  • Spofford

    Really wish I could use at least the web version of Smartsheets on my iPad. Really disappointing.

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