How to remove primary email address from another email?

Kelvin Choo
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi there,

I was mistakenly hooked an existing user's email to a new user's email to become primary email. After this, when I removed the existing user and attempted to replace it with a new user, the message pops up and notify me that

"" is the primary email address for "". Do you want to continue with inviting ""? Refer attached image.

If I pressed "Continue", the user will be added with "" instead of "". Furthermore, when I tried to edit the user, I was not allowed to click the "Manage Email Address" link to change to "". This has been causing me fail to replace the new user to an existing user licensed account.

p/s: The existing user has no longer work for the company hence there's no way to access to the "" anymore.

Anyone can help?