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How do I add costs by phase & task?


I am looking to add costs to my project plan (Smart Sheet). What is the best way. In the end I would like to be able to report on the following: Budget, Costs to Date/Actuals, Encumbered, Forecact to spend, and Ending balance.


  • JohnHinkle
    JohnHinkle ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Check out their solution center. They have solutions for all sorts of use cases, including finances: 



  • Darren

    I know this is an old post but rather than post a new one with the same request.....

    have exactly this issue - as a new smartsheet user but moderately experienced PM software user I can't see how to simply allocate a cost to tasks in a sheet I have already created (full of tasks).

    i.e. I have created a sheet of tasks which looks like an appropriate description of the project.  I would now like to add costs to each task - assuming that smartsheet would then be able to deliver something resembling a project budget x time

    This link https://www.smartsheet.com/solutions (offered in this thread), goes to a long list of articles, incidentally outside login. None seems to articulate clearly how to (if it is possible to) add costs without recreating the whole thing in a budget template 

    Thanks for any thoughts 

  • rpaverd

    Still no feedback on adding costs to resources?


  • mike53031

    I would like an answer to this as well please.

  • Matt Metz

    It would appear from the lack of an answer to this query that the functionality to do time-phased budgeting does not exist in Smartsheet. Is there any information to the contrary?

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