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Restore from backup

I have a backup of Sheets folder. How can I restore this folder from the backup .zip file?


  • I've done it but forgotten how.

    I have an action inhouse to write up the process so will post as soon as I've figured out how to achieve this again.

  • All your backedup sheets are in the zip file as Excel documents. Extract the zip, then either import the Excel files into Smartsheet to create new sheets or copy and paste the required data from the Excel documents to your Smartsheet.

  • Sam, what if my sheet have attachments and discussions in some rows? Should I have to attach files or discussions manually to restore from backup? How can I know what rows has these attachments or discussions? Does restoring conserve row intendations or styles?


    What I really want is to restore my sheet exactly as it was before.

  • Backing up will include discussions - tab 2 of the Excel backup file.


    Attachments will be included in a separate folder if you included attachments in your backup.  It was a checkbox option when you set up the backup. 


    There are a lot of features Smartsheet has that Excel does not - so all the functionality will not be backed up. Alerts, hierarchies, conditional formatting, etc. 

  • We don't know which file is related to which row.


    My suggestion is here:


    Please add some hints (like a row ID) to a filename when you are adding attached file to backup file.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Good suggestion! I'll add it to our enhancement request list. 

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