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Copying Rows With Attachments to Another Row in Same Sheet

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I'm not aware of a current way to do this, so I'm hoping for quick solution.


In our use, we find ourselves needing to copy and paste rows with attachments into a new category in the same sheet from one row to a new row and currently the only way I see to do it is to download the attachments and then upload to the new row.


I know there is the option to copy attachments and discussion into a different sheet, but I have not seen that same option for attachments in the same sheet. Is there a command I can use to copy everything including the attachments from one row to a new row in the same sheet?


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  • I have not been able to get the copy to work but I have found a rick with the cut and paste.

    If I do not have all the cascades expanded or the new row available before I cut - that is if  have to perform any action after the cut but before the paste - then all the attachments are lost.

    Providing I cut and then immediately follow by the paste then the attachments move too.

    Not sure if this helps but something to consider when trying out possible solutions.

  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee



    Currently there isn't a functionality that will allow you to copy a row within the same sheet and keep the attachments, but this is a vote we get from customers every so often, and I'll be sure to include your vote of support for that functionality on our enhancement request list, to be given to our Product team.



  • Hello Zack,

    Please add my vote to this functionality enhancement. 

    I want to be able to move multiple attachments in a sheet to one row.

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