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sorting problem

My Smartsheet keeps resetting to a seemingly random sort order each time I save. I've manually resorted the sheet using two criteria (the main column--Author--then another column--Title) but when I save and refresh, the sheet resets again. What can cause this?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Do you work in this sheet with multiple collaborators? If so, make sure they are saving their sheets often and refresh their sheet when they are prompted to do so. Here is what I think is likely happening: there are multiple users making changes to the sheet. One (or more) of these users are working in the sheet and are not saving or refreshing regularly. While you and other users are making changes and saving the sheet, these other users are not so the view of the sheet they see might be multiple versions behind the current version. Because they are multiple versions behind, they have old data and will overwrite some of the changes that were made, such as sorting the sheet (since it is the most recently saved version of the sheet, Smartsheet see’s it as the newest version). 


    Try this, talk with your collaborators and ask them to save their sheet often and refresh whenever they are prompted to through the banner that will appear at the top of their screen when another user saves a change to the sheet. 



    If you do this and are still having this issue, let me know and we can troubleshoot further. 

  • Ok. I may need to try this over the weekend to make sure everyone has cleared out of the sheet.

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