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Copying multiple indented rows

Erin Edwards
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Is there a way of copy & pasting in multiple indented rows without having to do individually?




  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 05/23/15

    Erin - you can copy and paste a group of indented rows by single left clicking on the parent row number, hold shift, single left click on the last row number of the group of rows, then press CTRL + C to copy (CMD on a Mac) and CTRL + V to paste (CMD on a Mac).

  • J Tech
    J Tech ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 08/18/15

    When you have a parent row and multiple children rows, and they need to be copied and then pasted onto the same sheet, what is the best way of doing this without having to outdent the one you pasted?


    J Tech

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  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    To confirm, you want to paste just the values and NOT the hierarchy? Copy the text, right click where you want to paste and select Paste Special > Values 

  • Shailendra Singh
    edited 10/29/15

    I think the original question is about copy Cells with Hierarchy. 

    I have a long list of Cells having Activities & Tasks with multiple hierarchies in a Checklist Sheet which is shared in View Mode with various Teams (who have their own trackers).


    When they copy and paste these Activities and Tasks to their Sheet the hierarchy is lost, defeating the purpose of creating the Checklist.


    Is it possible to allow Hierarchy to be copied without having to Copy Rows?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Shailendra, as long as all the copied cells are included in a hierarchy, the hierarchy will be included when you copy and paste. 

  • Shailendra Singh
    edited 11/04/15

    Thank you Travis.


    In certain cases it works, but most other times hierarchy is not replicated.

    I have tried Paste Special and using modifier Keys (Ctrl, Alt, Shift).

    Please see these Screenshots and advise me what I am doing wrong.


    Cells Copied with Hierarchy



    Same Cells are Copied WITHOUT Hierarchy in another Sheet.


    (unable to paste Screenshot here!).




  • Shailendra Singh
    edited 11/04/15

    Thank you Travis. 

    I am unable to get this result consistently. 

    Below are Screenshots when I tried copy-pasting heirarchy.

    In some cases it works, whereas it fails in other cases. 

    Please advise what I am doing wrong.

    Thank you.



    Cells with Heirarchy copied.





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Shailendra, are you copying and pasting between browser tabs or from within the same Smartsheet tab (and just switch sheets from within Smartsheet)? 


    I have found if I copy and paste from within the same Smartsheet tab, it works. When I have multiple Smartsheet tabs open and copy and paste between them, it will not work.

  • Copying from one tab in Smartsheet to another tab within same Browser window. 

    When I tried copying to another Browser window, it failed to copy formatting either.



    After this happened, I closed all other windows where Smartsheets was open and tried again. Similar inconsistent outcome. 

    That is why I am unable to understand what is causing it. 

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Shailendra, rather than copying between different browser tabs, try to copy/paste from within the same browser tab


    From my tests, copying between multiple browser tabs will not typically include hierarchies but copying from within the same browser tab, works every time. 

  • Travis is wrong.  At least on version from 4/6/2018.  Copy within the same smartsheet does not copy the hierarchy.  It is possible it did in the past, but Travis gave no evidence.      Shailendra did a good job of outlining the problem and this issue is pretty important.

  • Ok, I take that back.  Travis is correct sometimes.  If the parent row is expanded and you include children, then sometimes it works.  But not everytime.  And never if the parent row is collapsed.

  • Don't know if this helps, but it seems to work for me.  The column header I have as a "Name".  Right click and select "expand all" so entire sheet hierarchy is shown.  Then select as others have stated from row x (top of desired hierarchy and hold shift) to row N.  Then copy and past in empty row.  Entire hierarchy seems to stay intact.

  • I'm encountering the same issue.

    I'm trying to copy from inside the same browse.

    Hierarchy copy is inconsistent - for some blocks it works, for others it doesn't. 

    This is very frustrating. @Travis - are you able to reproduce the issue we are all having here? If so, can you please outline the approach you are taking that is making it work for you? 



  • Hi

    I've noticed one regularity

    - if I copy a set of contiguous rows, the hierarchy is copied

    - if on the other hand, I apply a filter (which removes from view a group of elements, in my case a block of rows which are not hierarchically related to the other rows, but which are in the middle of them), then the copy/paste of the "filtered" rows does not maintain the hierachy. 

    Hope this helps sort out the issue. 



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