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Hi, i am hoping some can help or confirm if this is possible.

The background: We are capturing data from employees working at 400+ locations. this is being done by a form. the data captured on the form is then being pushed out to individual sheets using a cross sheet formual:

=INDEX({Employee Communications for Tupe Range 1}, MATCH([Site Name]@row, {Site worked at}, 0))

This works perfectly, however we have several employees that work on more than one site and we are able to capture this from the form. However the above formula only works by looking at the first site.( Range 1)  Can i add to this formula to say look at sites 2, 3 and 4?

I suppose what i am asking is if Range 1 returns zero then can it look at another range?

if i haven't explained this very well i am more than happy to share my sheets with anyone that may be so kind as to help.

Thank you




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