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ver archivos adjuntos sin descargar


Los archivos adjuntos que se envian en una fila, el receptor para verlos necesita descargarlos primero en su computadora.

Necesitamos ver los archivos  adjuntos con un visulaizador rapido sin necesidad de descargar el archivo.

A modo de ejemeplo, aplicaciones como google drive, disponen de visulaizadores rapidos, esta es la idea.

tenemos colaboradores que se quejan y no quieren que les enviemos archivos a traves de smartsheet por este problema.

Podrian implementar esta utilidad?


un saludo



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Manrique, I put your post in Google Translate and here is the result:


    "Attachments that are sent in a row, the receiver need to download them first on your computer. We need to view attachments with a quick visulaizador without downloading the file. As an ejemeplo, google drive applications offer quick visulaizadores, this is the idea. we have partners who complain and do not want us to send files through SmartSheet by this problem. Could implement this useful? thanks greetings"


    It sounds like you are sending attachments in a row and when users receive the email, they need to download the attachment to view it. You are asking for a way to preview a file in your email client, correct? 


    The files are hosted with Smartsheet and are not attached to the email. Because of this, there isn't a way at the moment to preview the files when emailed but I will submit your feedback to our Product team and it will be considered for future development. 


    Thank you!

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