Want to calculate the total number of Completed Tasks changes since last week.

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I have total of 1200 tasks and 3 Assignees and I need to count : ( I want to create a Mini Dashboard on the top of my Task Sheet)

1. Total Number of 'Completed' by All 3 Assignees,

2. Total Number of 'Completed' by each of my Assignees.

3. How many tasks have been selected 'completed' from my "Task Status" column since past week (Difference between total count of Completed items between last week and week before)

 (i.e. : Out of 1200 Tasks, I had 20 completed 2 weeks before, now I have 35 completed as of end of last week, I want to show the difference of progress (35-20= "15") as of last week.)

4. Lastly, out of 1200 tasks if I have 20 completed, I want to show total count of "In progress" and "Not started" and "On Hold" ( In Status Column I have total of 4 drop down values- Not Started, In Progress and On Hold)

Thanks in Advance! I really appreciate your  help!




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    You can use countif's for most of your purposes.


    Count total amount of tasks at each stage

    =countifs([Task Status]:[Task Status],"Completed")

    =countifs([Task Status]:[Task Status],"In Progress")

    =countifs([Task Status]:[Task Status],"Not Started")

    =countifs([Task Status]:[Task Status],"On Hold")



    Count the number of tasks completed in the last week


    =COUNTIFS([Task Status]:[Task Status], "Completed", Date:Date, @cell > TODAY(-7))



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    Luke, Thank you so much! It Worked!