How to set recurring reminders

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I have been searching through the posts and found this formula: =IF(Complete4 = 0, TODAY(), “”) using my own column names. Each time I've tried to accept the formula, I get this error message: unparseable. Am I missing some of the formula (my Excel is rusty)?

I want to have an email reminder sent daily until the task has been marked completed.


  • Brian W
    Brian W ✭✭

    I think the problem is with your "smart quotes". I expect you pasted them from elsewhere?  Try this: =IF(Complete4 = 0, TODAY(), "")

  • Michael R.

    I believe SmartSheet can now send alerts based on date. 

  • Zach B
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    Smartsheet can send alerts based on dates, but it doesn't seem like they can be setup to be recurring (i.e occur everyday until a task is complete). You could setup reminders for 1, 2, and 3 days after the due date, but this quickly clogs up the alerts and actions tool as each one has to be created separately. I wonder if this enhancement is coming?

  • Julie@WD
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    I have a workaround for recurring reminders:

    1. Add an automated column for "Modified On". You can hide it if you don't want others to see it.

    2. Add another hidden column that calculates the number of days since Modified On was changed. Today() - [Modified On]

    3. Create a reminder based on that date to send if that calculated column is greater than 1, and include any other criteria (status = open, or whatever).

    4. The reminders reset daily, as does the calculated column, so your owners will get a daily reminder until the Modified On date changes.

    5. For extra credit, I set a conditional format on the columns I'm asking them to update to show a certain color when the calculated column is <2.

  • Andrée Starå
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    Hi all,

    Good news! It's coming!

    Customers have requested the ability to set up workflows that repeat on a regular schedule.

    We're preparing recurrence for time-based workflows so you can save even more time on repetitive steps, such as daily due date reminders and weekly status update requests. This automation enhancement will be available this spring.…

    Hope that helps!

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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  • Ken Kyne

    Hey Smartsheet, this thread is about recurring reminders, not recurring workflows

    We asked if it was possible to set a recurring reminder until as task was delivered.

    Q1. is this in the pipeline?

    Q2. When?

  • Suresh Rathinam

    Any updates on recurring reminder. Is this feature available or yet to come?

  • Jake Gustafson
    Jake Gustafson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Any update here or do we still go with the workaround prescribed by Julie above?

  • Tammy Luther
    Tammy Luther ✭✭✭✭

    Yes - another vote to have a recurring REMINDER until task is updated.

    When will it be evaluated and provide feedback.

  • Tammy Luther
    Tammy Luther ✭✭✭✭


    Julie, I am fairly new to Smartsheets and found your post regarding a work around to send repeating reminders until due date is met. I'm unclear of how to set up following your instructions. I have added columns that will be hidden, but I'm confused on what needs to be placed in the columns. Sorry about digging up a post from 2019, but it's the only one I could find to allow set up of repeating daily reminder till done feedback. I'd appreciate any additional information if you could help. PS - unless this has been built into the system....

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Tammy Luther

    Would you be able to describe your process a bit more? There may be a way to set this up with either a Time Based Automated Workflow or setting the workflow to run on a Recurring Basis with Condition Blocks.

    It would be helpful to see a screen capture of your sheet (but please block out any sensitive data) and an explanation of what would cause the reminders to start & stop, if possible.