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Authentication when accessing from Tableau using ODBC

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Hi there,

I use Smartsheet as one of data sources in Tableau.

I would like to know if all work fine when using someone else's Smartsheet Access Token.


 Edit Datasource

User name and Pasword - owner of Smartsheet

I will add screenshots also.


smartsheet connection.jpg

sign in.jpg



  • Alex Vorobiev
    Alex Vorobiev ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi there -


    It should work fine assuming the user has access to all the tables and/or reports used in your Tableau report.



  • toyamaza
    edited 12/02/15

    Thank you Alex.

    The Tableau Developer has acces to the smartsheet but the sheet takes data from many other sheets. All those sheets are owned by other user. The Tableau developer has the Smartsheet owner's Access Token. If the Tableau Developer is not shared all the referenced sheets, would it be a problem?


  • Alex Vorobiev
    Alex Vorobiev ✭✭✭✭✭

    Three quick things:


    First, when you say "the sheet takes data from many other sheets", do you mean "report" rather than "sheet"?  To access all the data in the report, the owner of the API token must have access to all the underlying sheets.


    Second, if your developer is actually using the report owner's token, then for all intents and purposes, it's the report owner who is accessing the report and should be able to access all of it.


    Finally, as a matter of policy, we strongly discourage sharing API tokens.  API tokens are analogous to passwords and provide full access to the token owner's Smartsheet account.  This is a security concern, and we suggest you avoid sharing API tokens.



  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks again.

    It is actually a report that Tableau developer access. The report owner owns all the underlying sheets, so it should be fine.


    I see what you are saying with regards to the security concern. I don't know how they come to do that way. Will speak to them.






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