Smartsheet API Request Limit

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Hi there,


I'm hoping you guys can help me understand a problem I'm having, and maybe help me figure out a solution to it!


I'm using Zapier to input some data in to a smartsheet. The problem I'm having is that every so often it will try to input about 100 data points at once, at which point I get a tonne of emails telling me that the smartsheet API limit has been reached within the timeframe limit, and to try again later.


Is there a way I can override this, or increase the limit? Alternatively, if you guys have any Zapier knowledge, is there a way I can make it rerun just this step of my Zapier 'Zap' if it faults out? (maybe next stop: Zapier Community!).


Thank you!!


  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee


    Currently there isn't a way to increase the API time out limit that you are running into. You would instead want to look at ways to slow the Zapier process down so it's not sending as many requests at the same time. 

    One thing to cautious of is that having the Zapier re run the Zap if it faults could end up giving you duplicate information. For example, if the zap runs and it starts putting information into the sheet, and then hits the limit, when it re runs it could possibly run through all of the same information that already made it to the sheet. 

    I’m unable to advise on if Zapier can slow down the process, or how it would handle getting an error, but as you mentioned the Zapier community, or possibly Zapier support would be a good resource to check with.