Help with IF / Then, or something like it

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Hi Everyone, New to smartsheet and need some help.  I'm trying to calculate a date in the future, only when the manager approval column is Approved.  I've figured out the date formula, thanks to another discussion, but I'm unsure how to incorporate that into a nested IF, or if that's even what I need to do here.

So have a column for Manager Approval (text) and an Approval Date column (date). I want to look in the Manager Approval Column for "approved" and then look at the date in the Approval Date, and calculate the date of the following Tuesday, and that would be stored in a new column.  If the Manager Approval is anything but approved, I'm happy with some text saying Pending Approval, in the event that I need a negative option for the output.

This is the date function that I have working that calculates the following Tuesday based on the Approval Date.  This works, I just need to get it to look at the Manager Approval as well.

=IF(ISDATE([Approval Date]1), IF(WEEKDAY([Approval Date]1) = 3, [Approval Date]1 + 6, [Approval Date]1 + WEEKDAY([Approval Date]1) + 2))

Thanks in advance!




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