Smartsheet with series of dates representing milestones acheived

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 i have Smartsheet with series of dates representing milestones acheived. Users enter dates as when they have completed each milestone, How do i measure days between these dates and then put into a dash board /charts depicting what the average days between each point is at each milestone. eg

Date of request1 - date of feedback1  = no of days(x)

Date of request2 - date of feedback2  = no of days(y)

then calculate average of 2  = average of (x,y)

Then i would need to put this into a chart on a dashboard with .


So basically chart the average days between a-b, b-c, c-d etc.


Urgently need the help... Ive done in Excel but cannot convert to Smartsheet .


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    Happy to help! If you'd like to determine the number of days between two days you can achieve this by subtracting one date from another. 


    The formula could look like this:

    =[Column A]1 - [Column B]1


    To achieve the average of these column totals you can utilize the Average Function (AVG):


    This could look like:

    =AVG([Column AB Answer]1, [Column CD Answer]1)


    If you wanted to achieve this on one formula it could look like this:

    =AVG(([Column A]1 - [Column B]1), ([Column C]1 - [Column D]1))


    Please let us know if you have any questions on the above.



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