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Cannot see resource allocations on the resource management view

Naama Lev
Naama Lev
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts


I am evaluatin smartsheet resource managment view

I hae assign users in 2 different sheets,  

I acnnot see the user allocation on the global resource managment view


1.  All users are active

2. In one sheet - the users are succesffuly tracked in the user managment and in the other they dont

3. Resource managment is enabled

4. I am using the contact list for the assigne column

5. All tasks are schedulaed for the future..


Can you please advise?




  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 12/01/15

    Hi Naama, I took a look at your email interaction with our Support team and it sounds like Kennedy was able to identify the the issues. Here's her response:


    "In the sheet “T*****”, it looks like you haven’t assigned any tasks to users in your Team, which is why they wouldn’t appear in Resource Management. Please try adding these users to User Management or assigning tasks to users who are already on your team to show this allocation in the Resource View.



    In the second sheet, “B*****” I think you’re not seeing the allocation in the Resource View because the tasks are scheduled for about a year from now (in 2016). You should be able to view them by scrolling over to the right in the Resource View."

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