Adding tasks via mobile device

Daryl McCann
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I find it really cumbersome for most to have to open each project and drill down to the specific parent or child, etc. to add a task. If someone opens a sheet and it has everything open it can be very intimidating. It would be nice if Smartsheet could be more intuitive and allow you to drill down to where you want to be, step by step or parent to child to child, etc. So when someone opens Smartsheet and wants to add a task to a sheet (project), they would first, pick the sheet and all they would see is a blank input bar with a down arrow. When they clicked the down arrow, a list of the parent rows would show. They would then click the parent row they wanted and another blank bar would appear with a down arrow and when they clicked it, a list of the children to that parent row would show up and they would click the one they wanted and this would continue to happen until they got to the level they want to add a task and then be able to add a task at that level. Maybe this could be added to form setup so you are not just adding tasks randomly and having them drop to the bottom of the rows.


  • Alejandra
    Alejandra Employee

    Hi Daryl,

    I can see how this could be a useful feature on the mobile app. I’m sure our Product team would like to hear your suggestion. Please feel free to submit this feedback to our Product team directly using the Product Enhancement Request form (you’ll find a link to this here in Community under Quick links on the right).