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Advanced formulas: Countif

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I am trying to count the number of visible cells in a cloumn.  I do have a filter applies to another column and the coumn I need a count on is a date field.  Any guidnce would be appreciated. 


Or is there a way to count the number of rows between two dates.  Example 11/1 - 11/30.






  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    I'm not sure I have understood the question.

    When you performed the first filter, a small blue tab shows up briefly giving the count of the filtered rows.

    By visible, do you mean non-blank?


    For the second question, I would have expected COUNTIFS (not COUNTIF) would work. The difference between the two is "S" takes multiple criteria and should accept a DATE value. But I am missing something as it does not return what I was expecting.


    You will also likely run into formulas don't change results when filtering.

    You'll need to build your formula to account for that.


    If you could restate your question, I might be able to provide a better response.



  • J is correct in that formulas wont change with filters and a COUNTIFS could work to get the results you are looking for. Rather than filtering to count rows, use COUNTIFS to count based on whatever you would have filtered on.


    Another option, if you want a quick formula result, filter your sheet, highlight the cells you want to count/sum/etc and look at the bottom right of your sheet. There are automatic calculations that appear based on the selected content. 

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