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Our Smartsheet form has a “Completed” column (it is a date column) and a “Status” column (statuses from a drowndown list). We would like to somehow tell the sheet that, if the “Completed” cell is a date then change the status to “Completed” in the “Status” column. Basically when users submit a new form, the status goes in as "New", as people complete the task they submitted a form for we ask that the enter a completion date in the "Completed" column but when they enter a date in that field the status remain as "New". Is there a way to change the status of all the rows IF the completed cell of each row has a date? We would need this function to apply automatically to all rows of our sheet. Thank you.



  • Brian W
    Brian W ✭✭

    You could use a formula like this in your status column:

     IF(ISDATE(Completed@row), "Completed", "New")

    Although, that will mark all the blank rows "New" as well. If you want those to stay blank, you could use a formula like this (change Primary to the name of your primary column):

    =IF(ISBLANK(Primary@row), "", IF(ISDATE(Completed@row), "Completed", "New"))

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